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New Mexico Game and Fish Setting up Unconstitutional Roadblocks to Harass Hunters and Fisherman

Police Roadblocks for HuntersApparently, like a lot of government agencies these days, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish have never read the 4th amendment to our Constitution – you know the one that protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish announced earlier this week that they will be setting up roadblocks throughout the state during the fall hunting and fishing seasons. According to the Department of Game and Fish, hunters and anglers will now be harassed by conservation officers who will conduct checks for not only game-law compliance, but adherence to provisions of the Off Highway Motor Vehicle Act and the Aquatic Invasive Species Control Act.

In my opinion, this is nothing short of harassment and just one more example of a government that’s grown out of control.

The 4th Amendment Reads:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

What’s happening to these hunters and fisherman in New Mexico is not only unconstitutional, it’s downright un-American. Here you have a group of people, who are doing nothing illegal, that are now being targeted for harassment by government officials. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Does New Mexico have so little crime that they can now afford to send their officers out to harass outdoorsman?


  1. My name is Simon Armijo and I am a victim of an illegal search and seizure By NMDGF Robert Griego which happened on April 17. I filed a civil suit the day before the statute of limitation was to run out . I would have not filled a suit but being that I was in Federal court for charges of possession of my wife’s Prayer feathers and a golden Eagle carcass that she found on the highway after being struck by an automobile. I was Charged with possession of my wife religious items even though she told the warden that they were hers. My Wife and children are Registered Native Americans of the Navajo Nation.My wife and children can posses these items legally.Also seized was 250 lbs. of venison of which my two daughters and I had killed legally and had documentation to prove the fact.The Officer also took around 16 skulls all having legitimate paper work. The deer skulls were returned first then the meat was returned six months later spoiled with spoiled carcasses having dead magots on top of the packaged meat. I won at the summery judgement stage and the judge has asked me to come up with the damages by June 20th, 2016. Its funny that the media wouldn’t here my story or let others know that my and my families Fourth amendment rights were violated by law enforcement.When this first happened I talked to several outfitters, all of them said I wouldn’t have a chance and the The Game and fish had the power to do as they pleased when it came down search and seizure. I am proof that they don’t! my case is cv-362 or Armijo v Hays People don’t be afraid to fight for your life and rights as Americans. We have the tools, the Internet has been most valuable in my fight for justice. I can’t afford an attorney and all were to busy they said so I went at it Pro Se. We lose are rights because we let them.

    • Why isn’t the game and fish prosecuted for wast of game and violation of other constitutional rights. I have heard hunter’s talk about officer Corey Smith that uses his authority to harrass people about thier 2nd amendment rights about carrying a sidearm telling them if it makes them feel like a man to carry a loaded weapon. Maybe he’s speaking for himself it probably makes him feel like that. This is the type of officer that is going to cause the state of New Mexico a lawsuit for his actions. I also have a video of officer Tomas Heck breaking the law and abusing his law enforcement power’s putting the traveling public at risk if I were to drive my truck like that I would have been arrested for wreckless driving and running a stop sign on NM-3 coming of the I-25 ramp. He wasn’t running code just abusing his authority.So why can they break the laws in New Mexico.


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