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RCBS Introducing Multiple New Products for Reloaders at 2020 SHOT Show

Reloading Ammo

This year’s SHOT show has a little bit of everything, including a number of new products and supplies for reloaders. While not often given much attention, it’s estimated that somewhere around 5 million hunters and sports shooters take part in Do-It-Yourself bullet Reloading.

Reloading Ammo

One of the companies that will be introducing new products aimed at this market is RCBS, a leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols.

During SHOT Show in Las Vegas, they will be introducing multiple product kits created to give reloaders all the tools necessary – whether trimming cases or reloading the most popular calibers – in one simple, ready to go package.

In addition to the new reloading kits, RCBS is also planning on introducing what they say is the  the next evolution in powder dispensing technology with the new MatchMaster Powder Dispenser. Designed to take powder measuring and weighing to the next level, the new MatchMaster features a patent pending dual tube dispensing technology and Bluetooth compatibility with the new RCBS app, to save users precious time on the reloading bench while promoting maximum accuracy.

RCSB 2020 SHOT Show New Product Lineup:

Rebel Single Stage Press – The next evolution in single stage press technology, the new Rebel press is constructed from a solid cast iron frame, meticulously machined to exacting tolerances. Capable of delivering consistent loads with each movement of the ambidextrous handle, the Rebel Single Stage Press is standard with a spent primer system that allows primers to be dispensed directly into a trash can under the press ensuring that no primers are spilled in the work area. Additional standard features include machined reference surfaces and a Zerk fitting for those instances where lubrication is required, along with an extra wide base for enhanced stability. Featuring the tallest opening of any RCBS single stage press, the new Rebel press is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Uniflow III Powder Measure – Designed as the most accurate volumetric dispenser on the market, the Uniflow III Powder Measure features machined reference surfaces and exacting tolerances for consistent, reliable measuring. With its one metering cylinder, both rifle and pistol loaders no longer need to purchase an additional rotor or metering cylinder. Now, the one metering screw can do it all, saving users both time and money. For enhanced precision, the new measure is capable of throwing charges from 0.5 to 120 grains. Large enough to hold 1 pound of extruded power or ½ pound of flake powder, the Uniflow III provides extended reloading sessions for pros and amateurs alike.

RCBS Pocket Scale – A perfect accessory for those handloaders needing an affordable, rugged scale with 0.10 grain accuracy, the new RCBS Pocket Scale is packed full of features. From its 1,500-grain capacity to its easy to read digital display, the new pocket scale is backed by a one-year warranty and ships with a check weight and powder pan included.

RCBS Rebel Plus and Rebel Master Reloading Kits – For those looking for a single stage press plus all the accessories included, RCBS is offering two Rebel Reloading Kits for 2020. Providing owners with everything needed (except dies), the new RCBS Rebel Plus features 18 individual pieces while the RCBS Rebel Master Kit is standard with 13 products included.

RCBS Case Prep Kit – Assembled to make case prepping easier, the new RCBS Case Prep Kit surrounds users with all the equipment needed to start reloading like a pro. The cornerstone of this kit is the RCBS Brass Boss which has been designed to take the hassles out of chamfering, deburring and cleaning primer pockets. With six variable rotating stations, the Brass Boss along with several pre-packaged accessories including a hand priming tool, case trimmer, universal case loading block and hex key kit, allow handloaders to have perfectly prepped brass, each and every time in one easy-to-use kit.

Check out some of their other products here.


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