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Fishing the Muddy River in Southern Nevada

Muddy River in Southern Nevada near Overton

Just Northeast of Lake Mead, making its way through the town of Overton is the Muddy River, a small river that starts 32 miles from Lake Mead as a series of thermal springs in the Moapa Valley.

The Muddy river is home to three endangered fish: the Moapa dace (Moapa coriacea), the Virgin River chub (Gila seminuda), and the White River springfish (Crenichthys baileyi moapae). It’s also home to some fishable species including Catfish, Carp, and the occasional Large Mouth Bass as you get closer to Lake Mead — near the Ghost Town of St. Thomas just around where the Muddy River and the Virgin River meet at Lake Mead.

Muddy River near Overton
Back waters of the Muddy River near Overton, Nevada
Bass Fishing near the Muddy River back towards the Ghost town of St. Thomas in Lake Mead


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