A good reason to open carry! Crazy nutjobs attack fishermen

Years ago, I never really worried about much when I was out fishing, but these days you never know when and where crazy will strike, and unfortunately it can happen almost anywhere.

This morning, MLF Bass Pro Tour Pro Zack Birge posted a video of some complete nutjobs continuously ramming another bass fisherman’s boat.

Jacob Russell and an unidentified fisherman were fishing on Ft. Cobb Lake in Oklahoma when they were rammed multiple times, pushed into a dock and threatened by two nutjobs in a Jon boat.

I can tell you from personal experience that open carrying a firearm while fishing has saved my ass at least a couple of times. Unfortunately, out here in the desert southwest, remote fishing spots can also mean running into the occasional methhead. Thankfully, a visible firearm is often enough to make dipshits like this think twice or cool off!

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