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PETA Selling Drones to Public to Harass Hunters

The idiots at PETA have another campaign to harass hunters. This time they are selling surveillance drones called “air angels” through their website to anyone that wants to “monitor the activities of hunters.”

On their site they say, “With more than five times as many wildlife watchers as there are hunters in the U.S., we hope to expose further why hunting is a sick and sickening pursuit.” They go on to say that these drones can help “give animals something to fight back with,” and are encouraging other eco-idiots to harass hunters with their drones.

Footage captured by the drones will be streamed live via the Internet, through the Air Angels page on PETA.org.

I can’t wait till one of these things gets in the middle of a bunch of ducks during the peak of duck season. Now that will be some awesome footage!


  1. I think these PETA wackos should get real jobs and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Drones were made for killing our enemies. Does PETA think that a high powered rifle won’t bring down a drone PDQ? Think again!


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