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Getting the Best Action out of your Lures: Tuning Crankbaits

Tuning a Crankbait

Just like your car, from time to time your crankbaits might need a tune up. Luckily, tuning a crankbait is far easier and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

How to Tune a Crankbait

When fishing your crankbait, keep an eye on your retrieve. If your lure isn’t running straight, it’s time for a quick tuneup.

To tune your crankbait, grab a pair of pliers and rotate or bend the eye in the direction the lure is running . Remember your adjustments should be very small; it doesn’t take much to get your crankbait to run straight.

Tuning a Crankbait

Once tuned, make a short cast and then retrieve the lure quickly to see if you fixed the problem. Repeat if necessary until your lure runs straight.

Paint not as vibrant as it once was?

Keep some sharpie markers, in a variety of colors, in your tackle box. When the paint starts to fade or chip away, simply pull put your sharpie and bring your lure back to life.

adding color to a crankbait

Rusty hooks?

Replace your split rings with noncorrosive stainless steel split rings and a set of new hooks.

stainless steel split rings


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