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Las Vegas Fishing: Floyd Lamb Park

Fishing in the Desert?

Yes, believe it or not, Las Vegas has a number of fishing opportunities right in the city. Las Vegas is home to three Urban Fishing ponds; Sunset Park, Lorenzi Park and Floyd Lamb. The best of the three, and really the only one worth going to in my opinion, has to be Floyd Lamb Park.

Floyd Lambs Ponds are located in the northwest part of Las Vegas. The park has four public fishing ponds, one of which is stocked throughout the year.

Map of Floyd Lamb’s Ponds

Floyd Lamb Lake Map of Ponds

What kind of fish can you catch at Floyd Lamb?

Only the largest pond, Tule Springs Lake, is stocked by NDOW, but all four ponds do have fish. During levels of high water fish can make it into the other ponds, and there are fish that naturally reproduce in all of the ponds — not to mention the fishermen who transfer fish back and forth between the ponds.

Floyd Lamb has a number of different species including bluegill, redear sunfish, green sunfish, crappie, carp, and largemouth bass. It’s also seasonally stocked with rainbow trout and channel catfish.

Bass Fishing at Floyd Lamb

Largemouth Bass fishing in Las Vegas

Catch and Release at Floyd Lamb

Another Bass I caught at Tule Springs

Prespawn Bass out at Floyd Lamb

Largemouth Bass

Bass Fishing urban ponds

Fly Fishing for Bluegills and Small Bass out at Tule Springs

Fat Bluegill on a fly at Floyd Lamb Pond

Tenkara Flyfishing for Bluegill

Panfish on Tenkara Rod at Tule Springs

Small Bass

Carp and Catfish Fishing at Floyd Lamb

Carp Pond Fishing

Catfish on a Senko


$6 for a day pass
$50 for an annual pass

Park Hours
Summer months (May-August)        8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Winter months (September-April)   9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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  1. Fishing Report: 8-29-13
    The NDOW’s latest stocking was on the 14th of August. They stocked Tule Springs Lake with over 700 Catfish. The 4th Pond (Mulberry Lake) is still closed to the public, but Tule Springs, Willow and Cottonwood are open for fishing.

    If you’re going out there with small kids, the Bluegill are hitting on small worms right near shore, and the Catfish are still plentiful in the Tule Springs Pond.

    Feel Free to post your own reports below, or join the conversation!

      • Nevada’s Free Fishing Day is June 14, 2014. No license or trout stamp is needed and you can fish any public water in Nevada all day long. i’m not sure if access to Floyd Lamb (tule springs) will be free that day but I know Veterans Memorial Park pond in Boulder City is having a free fishing day event at that park.

  2. Fishing Report: 10-10-13
    After closing down a couple months back, after the park found a couple dozen dead ducks, it seems the Floyd Lamb’s dead bird problem is back.

    Earlier this week the park started finding dead geese floating in the ponds, and have now sent the dead birds in for testing. So far the park remains open to fishing, but the 4th pond (Mulberry Lake) has been completely drained.

  3. Fishing Report: 4-28-15

    Tule Springs was stocked with Catfish last week, so the catfish bite is strong right now. Most people seem to be catching them on powerbaits.

    The bass are on their beds right now, and have been hitting various soft plastics.

  4. Hi, looking for some fishing action. Bringing a kid for the first time fishing this coming weeks. Any tip what set up to use? Can you provide Bait and lure sample set up? I’m into catch and release. Im planning sunset park but found your site, might try floyd lamb instead. Thanks!

  5. Fishing Report: July 2017

    No stocking this month becuase of the heat, but there are still people catching catfish in the big pond. Bass bite is heating up but remember to release all bass since they do not stock bass! Bluegills are taking Flies and mealworms and the action is pretty good this month.


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