How to Fish a Hula Popper

Introduced in 1941 by Fred Arbogast, the Hula Popper revolutionized Topwater Fishing. Although this lure seem like a relic, it still remains on of the top poppers of all time. In fact, it’s one of my favorite, and most productive lures for fishing in cover.

The Hula Popper

How to Fish a Hula Popper

The lure is fished by casting it into cover (vegetation) and then slowly jerking it back to make its patented popping sound. When I cast, I usually let the Popper hit the water and then I wait at least 10 seconds or so before I start the retrieve. I’ve had numerous bass strike immediately when the lure hits the water, so give it at least a couple of seconds.

The best time to fish a Hula Popper seems to be during the warm summer months and all the way through fall. While the lures can be effective at anytime of day, I often have the best luck early in the morning or right before sunset into the early evening hours.

The Hula Popper in Action

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