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Flipping and Pitching Casts: How to Flip and Pitch for Bass when Fishing

Flipping and Pitching Casts

Fishing for Bass is an art form, one that takes a lot of practice and dedication to learning the ins and outs of bass angling. Two of the most important casts for bass anglers are flipping and pitching; they’re also two of the most asked about techniques we get.

Flipping and Pitching Casts

What is Flipping and why would you flip for bass?

Flipping is a valuable technique to know when targeting bass in close quarters. Anytime you are fishing an area where you need to get in and out quickly, like docks, structure close to your boat or shore, or anywhere where you need to throw a line into a tight spot flipping is usually the answer. It’s also one of my go to techniques when trying to get a reaction strike from springtime bass on their beds.

Flipping allows you to peel of a set amount of line, so you can then easily target the same areas with precision and stealth.

To start, you want to let your line lose and peel of an amount of line that is usually equal to the space between the rod tip and the reel.

Step one for Flipping Casts

Then with your reel hand grab another arm’s length pulled off to the side.

Step two for Flipping Casts

You want to then use the pole to gently ease the line into your target area, allowing the line in your non-casting hand (the hand you reel with) to flow through your hand as you work that hand back towards the pole — which will ease the lures fall into the water (stealth-mode).

Step three for Flipping Casts

Step four for Flipping Casts

Once the line drops, and you are ready to pull it back in, all you have to do is use your reeling hand to pull the line back out to your side while dropping the rod. Then repeat the process and flip it out there again. At no time are you doing a traditional cast, and your reel is always locked (the line is never coming unspooled).

What is Pitching and why would you pitch for bass?

This is a cast that you will use the majority of the time when you’re out fishing for bass. It’s really one of the most important casts you can learn, and is something you really should perfect if you want to be a serious bass angler.

The technique is much harder than pitching, but once you have it down you will be able to pick off bass in areas where traditional casting just doesn’t make sense.

To pitch cast you want to hold the tip of you rod at about 10 o’clock.  Then you want to let out enough line so you can grab the bottom of the lure right below the hook with your reeling hand.

Step one for Pitching Casts

Next point the reel down towards the ground and disengage the reel while still holding your thumb on the line.

Step Two for Pitching Casts

Next, simultaneously release the lure and lift the rod tip up as if you are making an underhanded pitch with a ball.

Step three for Pitching Casts

If you time everything just right, your lure will fly parallel to the water right into your target location. Just before the lure hits the water, apply your thumb to the line to prevent a backlash and help the lure make a quieter entry into your target zone.

Pitching allows you to make precision cast just like flipping, but into areas that are to far for the flipping technique.

Video on how to Correctly Pitch and Flip: Pitching and Flipping for Bass


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