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Bullet Weights: Tungsten Bullet Weights Review

Tungsten Weights from Bullet Weights

I’ve been using Bullet Weights for years because I love how the shape allows you to punch through cover and easily glide through weeds and thick vegetation. So when Bullet Weights released a Tungsten version of their popular weights, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

In some areas of the country, there is a huge push to ban lead in fishing gear, while I don’t think that will happen anytime so — except for maybe in crazy California – it has caused the industry to take a fresh look at how they make their tackle. A number of companies are starting to release eco-friendly versions of their products.

Bullet Weights Tungsten Bullet Weights

BULLET WEIGHTS, Tungsten Bullet Weights are not only eco-friendly, they actually serve a purpose that goes far beyond just saving the environment. Since tungsten is much denser than lead, the size of these weights is much smaller than their lead weight counterparts. That means you can toss out more weight, with a slimmer profile, making flipping for bass much more productive than lead.

Tungsten Weights from Bullet Weights

Another advantage to switching over to Tungsten is the material gives you a much better feel for what your bait is doing down at the bottom. Because the metal is harder than lead, it helps you get a good picture of what your bait is running over. You feel a heck of a lot more that you would with lead.

It also helps you detect bites better!

Holding a Largemouth Bass

In my opinion, lead has a tendency to soften the feel of the bite, but the harder tungsten allows you to feel more bites because you feel it the moment the bass grabs the bait off of the bottom. They’re not cheap, but if you can afford them, Bullet Weights are the way to go!


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