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7 Bear Attacks in 48 Hours

Mad BearSeven bear attacks have been reported in the last week, making it more important than ever to realize that you need to be aware of your surroundings while out in the wilderness.

While 7 bear attacks in one week makes for sensational headlines, it’s not something that should cause a mass panic, but it is a reminder that the wilderness needs to be respected.

What to do if You encounter a Bear.

  1. When it comes to bears, the number one way to stay safe is to keep your distance. Surprisingly, a lot of attacks happen when people go out intentionally seeking these animals. Bears are wild animals and will not hesitate to attack you. Is getting that picture really worth the risk?
  2. Be Loud. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they should be quite while traveling in bear country; the exact opposite is true. While traveling in areas with bears, making noise will help you avoid accidentally sneaking up on a bear.
  3. Slowly Back Away. If you happen to come upon a bear, you want to stay calm and then slowly back away from the bear.
  4. SHOUT! If the bear takes notice, the best thing you can do is make yourself look as big as possible and then shout as loud as you can.Often times this is enough to scare the bear away.
  5. NEVER RUN & NEVER PLAY DEAD! Bears are a lot quicker than you are, and can run somewhere around 30mph. If you run, it’s going to kick in the bear’s predatory instincts and there’s a good chance you won’t make it out alive. Another misconception, is that playing dead will keep you safe. Bears often eat dead animals, so playing dead is probably not the wisest idea.
  6. Never come in between a cub and it’s a mother. This is the quickest way to elicit an attack, as the mother will see you as a threat and will do everything she can to protect her young.
  7. Drop Something. If the bear comes towards you, and you are wearing a backpack, throwing it, or something else on the ground might distract the bear long enough for you to slowly back away from the situation.
  8. Protection. Always carry bear spray when traveling through bear country. In Bear Country, carrying a high caliber gun may also be a wise decision.


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